This is CoreWars!

CoreWars is a procedurally/randomly generated Dual-Stick Shooter similar in mechanics to "Binding of Isaac" and "Enter the Gungeon". There are tons of different weapons which can be used to tackle the engineering inspired enemies you will face.

The main protagonist is a CPU, which "evolves" through the ages of computing and faces different enemies depending on the historical epoch.

CoreWars features randomly dropped weapons of different rarities, some of which have unique effects for their highest rarity!

Also features rebindable controls and achievements which unlock new weapons.


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This game really is pretty bad. No dash, movement is too slow, first level is too little so I can barely get any weapons, guns run out too quickly,  the first boss is basically impossible, too many things spawn in around him and launch too many things, with no dash its pretty much impossible. You really need to rethink these mechanics. Dying over and over again to the first boss because movment is so slow, no dash, barely and health, and guns running out of durability too fast is not fun.

There needs to be some kind of dash, pretty impossible to outrun some of the projectiles. You need some way to dodge them.

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Great game :)